Chinese Snakehead Fish Invading Georgia, US Citizens Urged To Kill It

photo credit: Watts Rozell / Facebook

Chinese Snakehead Fish Found In Georgia

The Chinese Northern Snakehead fish is a super predator in just about any water it gets in, and somehow this invasive species was found swimming in Georgia.

About The Snakehead Fish

The United States is desperately trying to keep this fish from invading the homeland because of its ability to dominate and destroy other creatures and their habitats.

The snakehead is feared because its very strong, has sharp canine teeth, its scales look like snakeskin, has the ability to walk on land and can breathe air for several days to survive.

A man fishing in Georgia was in shock when he caught the fish so he took pictures of it to prove what he captured. He planned to keep it but as he was weighing it the snakehead thrusted violently and jumped back into the water.

If You See It, Kill It, DNR Says

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources‘ Wildlife Resource Division (WRD) say to kill it if you see it. The last thing they want is this fish taking over Georgia like the Burmese python is doing in Florida.

WRD’s main goal is to prevent it from spreading to other waters and state their first line of defense is Georgia’s anglers. So if you’re fishing in Georgia and you catch one then do the following in the list below.

If you catch a snakehead, GDNR says to do these five things:

  2. Kill it immediately and freeze it.
  3. Take pictures of the fish, if possible.
  4. Note where it was caught (waterbody, landmarks or GPS coordinates).
  5. Immediately report it to your regional Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division Fisheries Office.

This is the very first time the snakehead fish was ever reported to be living in Georgia waters and the sad thing is it didn’t swim all the way from the Yangtze River in China to get here, someone illegally brought it to Georgia and released it.

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