Woman Hospitalized After Venomous Spider Bites Her On The Mouth

A venomous spider bite on the face resulted in a scary few days for one Virginia woman. Sherri Maddox was kayaking down the Staunton River in Southern Virginia when she was bitten on the lip by a brown recluse spider. Maddox wasn’t immediately concerned about the bite, but by the second day realized that she […] More

Reporter Freaks Out As Cicada Climbs Up His Neck On Live Television

Cicadas are quickly becoming one of the biggest stories of the year as trillions of the winged bugs emerge from a 17-year hibernation. One television reporter got an up-close look at one of the insects as it climbed his suit coat on live television. Cameras were rolling as CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju was preparing […] More

Man Gets Arrested After Going For Swim In Bass Pro Shop Aquarium

A Louisiana man was after his five minutes of fame and he was willing to do almost anything to get it. Kevin Wise from Slidell, Louisiana, told his TikTok followers that if he received 2,000 likes he would jump in the aquarium at the Bass Pro Shop located in Bossier City. He received well over […] More

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