Chinese Snakehead Fish Invading Georgia, US Citizens Urged To Kill It

Chinese Snakehead Fish Found In Georgia The Chinese Northern Snakehead fish is a super predator in just about any water it gets in, and somehow this invasive species was found swimming in Georgia. Northern snakehead eats native zooplankton, fish and fish larvae, frogs, invertebrates, insects, small reptiles, and… Posted by Invading Species Awareness Program on Thursday, […] More

Whisky Pods Become Newest Way To Drink Alcohol

The world’s second best-selling brand of Scotch, The Glenlivet has just released its Capsule Collection of 23-milliliter cocktail-containing pods you can eat to get a buzz. Posted by TartanSpoon on Friday, October 4, 2019 The Glenlivet is describing it as “glassless cocktails” that are served in a capsule made from one of nature’s most renewable resources, […] More