4 Friends Catch 12ft, 726lb Alligator

Lee Daugherty, David Lowe, Ryan Pitts, and George Mourouna were hunting on Sunday (Sep 15) on the Santee River in South Carolina. They were hoping they would catch an alligator, but when they did, they probably weren’t expecting it to be so huge. In a Facebook post from Mourounas, he revealed the four friends hunted […] More

Matthew McConaughey Is Now A Professor At University Of Texas

Officially Becoming A College Professor The iconic actor from Texas, Matthew McConaughey has decided to officially become a professor at the University of Texas and will be teaching in the department of Radio-Television-Film this fall. Matthew McConaughey has officially signed on teach a film class this year at the University of Texas! What celeb would […] More

8-Year-Old Boy Survives Mountain Lion Attack

8-year-old Pike Carlson and his older brother Gage went for a walk near their Bailey, Colorado home two weeks ago. They were going to go talk to their neighbor down the hill, which is something they did often. Suddenly, their normal day turned into something out of a horror movie. Pike was dragged down the […] More

Footage Of Jessi Combs’ Final Drive Released

Known for her work on Mythbusters, Break Room, Overhaulin’, and All Girls Garage, Jessi Combs sadly passed away last week. In 2013, Combs was crowned “the fastest woman on four wheels” after she set a record of 398 mph in her jet-powered North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. The automotive legend was trained in fabrication and hot-rod building […] More

Vegan Woman In Legal Battle With Neighbors Over Barbecue Smell

A woman in Australia who maintains a strictly vegan diet is currently in a year-long one-sided legal battle with her next door neighbor over the smell of barbecue. Yes, you read that right. The woman, Cilla Carden, says that her neighbor, Toan Vu and his family, “willfully and knowingly” let barbecue smells into her back […] More