Family Fishing Saves Bear With Container Stuck On Its Head

Tricia Hurt / Facebook

A family taking a boating trip on Marsh-Miller Lake saved the life of a struggling baby bear trying to cross the lake with a plastic cheese ball container stuck on its head.

Tricia Hurt filmed the rescue while she was with her husband Brian, and their son Brady and later posted the video to Facebook. She said they went to the lake to go fishing that day and were on the water when they noticed the baby black bear swimming in the lake with a container on its head.

“We knew that if we didn’t do something, we are pretty sure it would not have made it to shore,” Tricia Hurt told CTV News. “It was really huffing and puffing, my husband said.”

As they approached in their boat, Tricia told her husband to try to pull it off its head. Brian gave it a shot but the boat was moving too fast and he had to let go, however, he was able to pull the container up to the bear’s ears.

They circled the boat around again and this time strategically lined it up so Brian would have the best chance of pulling the container off. As they approached the bear, Brian grabbed the container and pulled it up and off of the bear’s head.

“We were so excited! We did our good deed for the day. We will never ever do this again, and it felt good to help the poor bear. You don’t like to see animals struggle,” Tricia said.

Family Removes Container From Bear’s Head In Video Below