Carrie Underwood’s Eldest Son, Isaiah, Teaches His Little Brother How To Fish

Mike Fisher / Instagram

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s two sons, Isaiah and Jacob, are growing up so fast!

Isaiah celebrated his fifth birthday in February, while Jacob turned one in January. Since Carrie and Mike are selective when it comes to posting pictures of their sons, months can often pass before fans see a new snapshot of them.

Carrie and Mike have shared a few pictures of the boys in recent months. They appeared in photos the couple posted on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Carrie’s birthday.

More recently, Mike posted a picture of his sons that didn’t honor a holiday or special occasion. His post was all about the bond Isaiah and Jacob share.

The photo shows Isaiah and Jacob out on the water while Isaiah reels in a tiny fish. Jacob, who was seated next to his big brother, seemed to be looking at the fish in wonder.

Mike said Isaiah was showing his little brother “the ropes” when it came to fishing. He was teaching him how it’s done!

He’s a great big brother with a huge heart!!” Mike wrote. “I Love watching these 2 grow up but sometimes you just want to press the pause button! All you can do is take it in and thank God for these little moments!

Anyone with kids of their own can surely relate to what Mike said. Look below to see the adorable picture of Isaiah teaching Jacob how to fish.

While Jacob doesn’t appear in any of Carrie’s music videos, you can spot Isaiah (and Mike!) in the music video for “Southbound.” Carrie released the fun-loving, summertime single in 2019.

Check out the video for “Southbound” below, and see if you can catch all of Isaiah’s appearances in the clip.

Isaiah has changed so much just in the short time since the “Southbound” video was filmed. As you can see in the picture of him fishing with his baby brother, he’s growing up at lightning speed!