Doritos “Tangy Pickle” Chips Now Available In The U.S.

Instagram / JunkFoodOnTheGo

Frito-Lay has finally brought their unique flavor of Doritos tortilla chips to the U.S., “Tangy Pickle!”

They had already released pickle flavor Doritos in the past, however; they were only being sold in limited markets and available in Canada. But now… a version of the Doritos pickle flavor has been spotted in the United States! We cannot wait to try them!

Based on the name and the lightning bolt representing the “I” in pickle, we can only imagine that the new flavor holds a powerful punch of tangy pickle flavor!

Thanks to social media accounts like Junk Food On The Go and The Impulsive Buy and their fans for sharing the exciting new flavor as they have spotted them in the U.S. As far as we know so far they have only been spotted at Dollar General.

This definitely isn’t the first time that the pickle has been the main attraction in a new flavor for a chip. However, Vlasic took it to a whole new level when they created actual pickle chips!

In April 2019, an article published by Food Business News revealed that the famous pickle brand Vlasic introduced its own pickle chips to store shelves. But unlike other pickle chips, Vlasic’s chips are made from real pickles, not potatoes.

Besides pickle chips, we can find pickles being the inspiration for other unique treats such as pickle ice cream and pickle popsicles!

Will you be going out to try to find the new “Tangy Pickle” Doritos?!

Watch a review of the new flavor below!