The Horse That Plays Dead So People Don’t Ride Him

photo credit: Frasisco Zalasar / Facebook

The Horse That Plays Dead

Frasisco Zalasar posted a video to Facebook showing everyone his horse named Jingang who would fall over and play dead when he tried to ride it.

photo credit: Frasisco Zalasar / Facebook

Jingang’s Incredible Acting Skills

The video is hilarious! Frasisco attempts many times to ride Jingang but every time all the horse would do is fall to its knees, roll over on its side, kick its legs in the air, then lay completely still with its tongue hanging out.

Once the horse was on the ground it would do its best not to move so that people would think it was dead and wouldn’t want to ride him anymore, according to Frasisco.

photo credit: Frasisco Zalasar / Facebook

Why Does The Horse Play Dead?

We’re not sure if Jingang is just lazy, or if he’s doing it for attention or if he really just doesn’t like to be ridden but one thing is for sure, his high-level acting skills has got him out of doing so much work.

“It’s cute but naughty,” Frasisco says in the video.“Stop playing dead and get up.”

After everyone would walk away from Jingang he would get back up to his feet like everything is fine. However, if Frasisco saw him getting up and would run back over to him the horse would plop back down on the ground motionless again. It’s too funny.

Watch The Horse Play Dead Below