This Country Star Gets Confused With Hillary Clinton All The Time!

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“There are people who love me, accidentally….and there are people who really don’t!” She confessed during her interview with CMT’s Cody Alan.

Apparently she gets confused so much with the 2016 Presidential Candidate, that it’s become quite a phenomenon on Twitter and she’s even had some passionate people lash out at the confusion!

Good to see you! How’s the campaign going?” Cody says jokingly welcoming his guest back into the studio for his radio interview.

Laughing back at the joke and elaborating, the frontwoman to iconic country band Lady Antebellum, Hillary Scott, reveals that she actually gets mixed up with Hillary Clinton far more often than she’d like!

But, you must be wondering….how do they get confused for one another when they don’t really look similar?

Well, the answer to that question is best explained by Scott herself, who just recently released a gospel album alongside her family and famous singing mother, Linda Davis!

“I’ve been very busy!” Scott says laughing at Cody’s campaign joke. “You bring that up and…I’ve been tweeted at so terribly with people accidentally searching for the first ‘Hillary’ that comes up in the search bar – and I guess I must be right up there with Hillary Clinton!”

Watch Hillary Scott’s full interview below for all the details on her tweets from people looking for Hillary Clinton!