Tim Allen Candidly Shares Thoughts About ‘Last Man Standing’ Ending

Tim Allen / Twitter

Tim Allen is closing another chapter in his career as an actor. 

Allen’s hit show, Last Man Standing, is preparing to air its final episodes. The show is in its ninth season and will officially bid farewell on May 20th at 9 p.m. 

In an interview with EW, Allen admitted that while he is not a “feelings type of guy,” he tends to get attached to the cast and crew of his projects. Allen stated: 

“I’m not a ‘feelings’ type of guy. That’s why I do comedy, to push things away. I get attached to people even on movie sets and those shoots are only three to four months. So when we wrap and everyone goes home, I go, ‘But wait! I thought we were going to be friends!'”

The cast worked on Last Man Standing for about 10 years, so saying goodbye to the characters is certainly bittersweet for Allen. In the interview, the 67-year-old revealed: 

“We worked on Last Man Standing for 10 years. All of us actors know and see each other, but the characters, Mike and Vanessa Baxter, the kids, and all the other characters we developed have disappeared. They no longer exist. That’s the nicest way I can put it.”

Allen admitted that he sat in every room on the set as his way of saying goodbye. He also noted that every actor had a personal response to leaving.

“You just think, Whoa! And it takes your breath away. Everyone had a different reaction to the show’s ending, some worried about their next move. They had a job for 10 years that helped feed their families and now that’s over,” Allen explained. “We had a year to plan for it but you’re never really prepared. And it’s beyond that, too. We were able to feed our families while sharing this great experience together. I loved going to work every day. That’s a remarkable thing to own and a remarkable thing to lose.”

Allen wrote the final episode for the series, titled “Keep on Truckin’.” For more on the show, check out the video below.