Venomous Sea Snake Swims Up To Jet Skier

ybsbrodie / TikTok

Brodie Moss was enjoying the day jet skiing on the ocean with his dog Stryda when they were approached by a highly venomous sea snake off the coast of Australia.

ybsbrodie / TikTok

“How are you going, my name’s Brodie, very nice to meet you,'” he said to the snake as it swam over to his ski. “Woah that is huge sea snake my friends, massive sea snake.”

Sea snakes can hold their breath for up to eight hours and this one must have been coming up for air when Brodie spotted it. Brodie filmed the snake as it started to swim under the jet ski and rubbed its back up against the watercraft but then stopped, and then backed up to investigate the foreign object.

ybsbrodie / TikTok

Stryda also got down to the water’s edge to sniff and take a closer look before Brodie called him back up to get away from the toxic creature. Fortunately for them, even though sea snakes are known as the most venomous serpents in the world, they are not very aggressive.

This snake eventually became uninterested in the Brodie, the dog, and jet ski and calmly swam off to continue its life in the ocean.

Marine wildlife experts say that sea snakes can grow an average of 1-1.5 meters long, however, some can grow up to 2.7 meters long. Their bodies have also evolved to live in the water so they can’t crawl on land. They have flat tails that help them dive more than 90 feet to feed on fish.

Watch Brodie’s TikTok Video Of The Snake Below