Weed Photos Force Kacey Musgraves To Clap Back At “Fan” Critique

Kacey Musgraves / Instagram

It’s no surprise that award-winning country singer Kacey Musgraves is at the top of her game.

In the past year, she’s won a CMA and ACM Award for Album of the Year, as well as a Grammy for Best Country Album, Best Country Song, Best Country Solo Performance, and the all-genre and most coveted award, Album of the Year.

Musgraves has been pretty outspoken about the process of creating her award-winning album Golden Hour, which included taking LSD to help her creativity. She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to promote drug use, but it was something that worked for her.

While it sounds like she drops acid for creativity purposes, the singer is an avid marijuana smoker, and isn’t shy about her use. Her close friendship with Willie Nelson is making a lot more sense now, right?

In her latest Instagram post, Musgraves shared a series of photos of her smoking a blunt with the caption, “day off be like..?”

The comments she received were mixed, with a lot of people praising her past time, and others critiquing it.

One person said, “You’re so less attractive to me now. Sad,” and Musgraves responded perfectly, writing, “Oh nooo! I only exist purely for your pleasure. What am I gonna do.”

See the interaction below.


Musgraves’s “clap back” got thousands of likes and hundreds of replies commending her for her witty reply! Some people even said they followed her on Instagram solely because of it.