‘Voice’ Winner Jordan Smith Involved In Car Accident

(Left) The Voice / Facebook/(Right) Jordan Smith / Instagram

From the second that Jordan Smith opened his mouth to sing on The Voice, the coaches and viewers knew his talent was something special. Many instantly pegged him as the potential winner of the show, and their thoughts were right on the money.


Jordan went on to win Season 9 of The Voice in 2015, marking Adam Levine‘s third and final win as coach. Team Blake‘s Emily Ann Roberts and Barrett Baber came in second and third place, respectively.

While other Voice winners have struggled to make their voices heard, Jordan has experienced great success. In the four years since he won the show, he has released three albums, including one holiday record.

His most recent release, Only Love, came out just over a year ago in August 2018.


To top it all off, Jordan wrote the song “Ashes,” for the Deadpool 2 movie soundtrack. The song was performed by esteemed artist Celine Dion.

Jordan also celebrated a major personal milestone the year after winning The Voice. In early 2016 he proposed to his longtime love Kristen Denny. They married just months later in their home state of Kentucky.


Both of the Smiths treasure their faith and never shy from sharing it with the world. Jordan performed multiple faith-based songs on The Voice and experienced later success with his recorded rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

So when Jordan was recently able to walk away from a terrifying car accident, he gave all credit to God.

On Wednesday (September 11), Jordan shared that the day prior (September 10), he was involved in a rollover car accident. The photos he shared show his flipped car on the side of the road, with its body smashed and trunk popped open.

Miraculously, Jordan “crawled” out of the wreckage with no injuries except a small scratch on his arm.

Yesterday I experienced what can only be described as Divine protection,” he wrote.


Jordan noted that since his trunk popped open in the accident, all of its contents were spread across the interstate. But, he noted there was one item in the car that never moved from its spot…his wife Kristen’s Bible.

The only thing in the car that was still in place was Kristen’s Bible in the back window,” he wrote. He also shared a picture showing the Bible right where Kristen left it. You can see that picture by scrolling through the slideshow above.

We’re so relieved that Jordan made it out of the accident with nothing more than a scratch. As he said himself, it could have been a “devastating” experience.