Willie Nelson Announces Major New Album Release

Brandon Marshall

Country music legend Willie Nelson thrilled fans when he recently announced the highly-anticipated release date of his brand new LP! While the outlaw has yet to release a new album in nearly three years, this current masterpiece in the works is expected to contain all new music. Appropriately titled God’s Problem Child, the album is set for release on April 28, merely one day before the icon’s 84th birthday.

Included in this album will be 7 original songs co-written by Nelson and Buddy Cannon, the singer’s good friend and long-serving producer. These original compilations include a bold song Nelson creatively drafted with inspiration from President Donald Trump. “Delete and Fast Forward” contains the incredibly direct lyrics, “Delete and fast-forward, my friend/ The elections are over and nobody wins/ But don’t worry too much, you’ll go crazy again/ Delete and fast forward, my friend,” making this singer’s Presidential opinion profoundly clear.

Although holding a bold political tune, Nelson also added a jingle inspired by himself, titled “Still Not Dead”. Upon being asked as to where the idea for the composition stemmed, he admitted to Rolling Stone, Cause I’m still not dead. I got up two or three times in the last couple of years and read the paper where I’d passed away. So I just wanted to let ’em know that’s a lot of horseshit.” 

Nelson is currently on tour throughout the United States, consuming a large portion of the singer’s time as he continues to travel across the nation for numerous performance leading into early August. Unfortunately, the singer was forced to cancel a handful of appearances, however, as he was formerly said to be feeling a bit under the weather and unable to perform.

Rolling Stone provided the track list for the newest addition to Nelson’s albums, expected to be brimming with authentic music and timeless talent.

1. “Little House on the Hill” (Lyndel Rhodes)
2. “Old Timer” (Donnie Fritz/Lenny LeBlanc)
3. “True Love” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
4. “Delete and Fast Forward” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
5. “A Woman’s Love (Mike Reid/Sam Hunter)
6. “Your Memory Has a Mind Of Its Own” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
7. “Butterfly” (Sonny Throckmorton/Mark Sherrill)
8. “Still Not Dead” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
9. “God’s Problem Child” (Jamey Johnson/Tony Joe White)
10. “It Gets Easier” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
11. “Lady Luck” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
12. “I Made a Mistake” (Willie Nelson/Buddy Cannon)
13. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone” (Gary Nicholson)

Are you excited for the new release? Do you think the album will live up the the expectations set by Nelson’s highly successful past debuts? You can listen to a small preview of Nelson’s song “God’s Problem Child” below!