Woman Finds Frog Pushing Venomous Snake Out Its Backside

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 / Facebook

A surprising photograph has surfaced on the Facebook page of the Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, which captures a green tree frog pushing a fully formed venomous baby eastern brown snake out from its rear end.

“What is going on here?!” the snake catchers wrote on Facebook. “We were sent in this crazy photo of a green tree frog with a baby eastern brown snake coming out its bum.”

According to the person who witnessed the bizarre incident in person, the lady said she noticed the frog was using its hind legs to push something from its rear end.

As she realized what it was and what the frog was doing, she decided to intervene to assist in removing the snake from its hole.

Finn Richardson, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, noted to Daily Mail that the snake was already deceased when it emerged.

“We are unsure of exactly what has occurred and this is one of the first times we have seen this situation,” he said. “Was the frog struggling to digest and poop out the snake? Did the brown snake slither all the way through the digestive system? The snake was already dead, and the frog is now safe.”

The maximum length of an Australian green tree frog is 10 cm. These frogs feed on various creatures such as spiders, crickets, lizards, other frogs, and cockroaches. In captivity, they have been observed consuming small mice.

It is not clear why the frog decided to consume the snake if that is what happened, however, numerous Australians promptly offered their speculations on Facebook.

“These types of frogs are notorious for eating literally anything they can fit into their mouths,” one wrote. “It probably thought the snake was just a huge worm, and ate it.”

Another wrote, “It was so long I suppose, that it kinda just went straight back out (I’ve seen fish eat long leaves off aquarium ornaments and have that happen).”

“If the baby snake hadn’t been so long, he would’ve digested and passed it just fine but I’m guessing it just wriggled it’s way through,” a third wrote.

A fourth said, “Considering they eat mostly insects (tho yes they eat small snakes, lizards and geckos too) I’d say it’s digestive can’t handle a snake so ends up coming out almost the same way it went in.”

“As you wouldn’t know, snake skin is tough. Obviously the snake needs air to survive so wouldn’t be alive once out the other end. Green tree frogs truly are a wonder but yet so delicate,” another said.

“I think this one was just too much to digest or the frog’s eyes were bigger than it’s belly and it kept eating after the snake, pushing the snake through the digestive system too fast to break down.”

The images left many more people in a state of shock.

‘”You can never unsee this,” one wrote.

‘”This is seriously disturbing,” a second said.

“Welp. Tonight’s nightmare is locked and loaded, thanks very much,” a third said.

A fourth joked, “Yeah, nah, just ya typical Aussie workplace environment. Frog is the boss, one of ya coworkers (the snake) is crawling up the bosses bum.”

See another recent video below of a frog with something weird in its rear below.


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