You’ll Fall Head Over Heels For ‘Something’s Going On’ Once You Watch Trace Sing It Live

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There’s “something going on” with Trace Adkins right now, and his fans can’t get enough. That something is actually his new album, which made its debut on March 31. If you don’t have a copy yet there’s no need to worry, because you can download one right here

Something’s Going On is the first studio album Adkins has released since 2013, and contains his current single “Watered Down.” Fans have been lovin’ Adkins’ new material so far, and it’s no wonder why.

One song that has generated some buzz is the album’s title track. “Something’s Going On” is a subtle, sultry tune that burns with passion. Chris Cavanaugh and Mark Stephen Jones wrote the song, which focuses on a beautiful woman who sparks the narrator’s interest.

Adkins’ deep voice has always had the power to make country girls fall head over heels, and that’s true for his vocal performance in “Something’s Going On.” But if you thought the recorded version was swoon-worthy, just wait until you watch him sing it live.

A few days after Adkins released his new album, he celebrated by hosting a release party with iHeart Country. Adkins performed a good mix of his older hits and newer material during the party, including “Something’s Going On.”

It’s amazing how facial expressions and simple hand motions can add more impact to a song. As a seasoned pro, this is something that Adkins knows well. He used all of those elements to his advantage in his live performance of “Something’s Going On,” which helped play up its seductive nature. We can’t blame the ladies in the audience if they felt a little faint watching him sing!

Now it’s time for you to check out Adkins’ steamy performance of “Something’s Going On” in the video below. If you’d like to hear him sing the song in person, be sure you snag a ticket to one of his shows. You can learn all about his upcoming tour dates here!