10 Commercials Featuring Classic Country Singers

Dave Hogan/Getty Images, Kirk West/Getty Images

Seeing a familiar face endorse a product will most likely get you to buy it. That’s why companies hire celebrities to star in commercials promoting their product.

Obviously, we are partial to country singers and they have been in quite a few over the years, especially classic country singers!

Let’s take a look at ten classic country singers who have starred in commercials below.

1. Willie Nelson

Willie was just recruited to help promote the latest model of the Volkswagen Passat. His song “On The Road Again” was featured to show off the latest and greatest technology included in the 2017 Passat and he made a cameo at the very end!

2. Merle Haggard

Haggard’s commercial was played on the radio, where you can hear him saying, “This is Merle Haggard…puttin’ in a good word for a fine beer, Pearl Beer,” before diving into a song written especially for the occasion.

3. Dolly Parton

Driving Miss Dolly! Well, a special guest was! Thanks to the power of technology, Dolly was being driven by the one and only Elvis Presley, inviting everyone to vacation in their home state of Tennessee. Elvis was driving them in a Red Cadillac convertible, of course.

“Next time, let’s take the Pink Cadillac,” she tells The King.

4. Alan Jackson

“If I had money, I’ll tell you what I’d do, I’d buy a Ford Truck or two,” Alan Jackson sings, sitting in the tailgate of, you guessed it, a Ford truck!

He sang a song called “Crazy ‘Bout A Ford Truck” for the 1998 commercial.

5.Lynn Anderson

The “Rose Garden” singer also made her mark being a Nabisco spokeswoman. She sang a song promoting Nabisco’s Country Crackers, while handing them out to fans at a show.

She assured everyone the crackers would be “a good country taste that’ll make you smile!”

6. Reba McEntire

In 1988, McEntire expressed her love for a good steak. “Oh, I’ve gotta taste for some real food,” she sang at the end of the commercial.

Yeah, we’re just as confused.

7. Loretta Lynn

Loretta starred, along with her husband Doo, in a commercial for Crisco. They talked about the holidays from when they were first married and very poor, but they always had good cooking, thanks to Crisco!

8. Garth Brooks

Brooks starred in a couple commercials in his day. He teamed up with McDonald’s to sell his compilations album, The Garth Brooks Collection. You could buy the album on CD or cassette for $5.99 or $3.99, respectively, when you buy an extra value meal or a large sandwich. The proceeds benefitted Ronald McDonald Children’s Charities.

Brooks also starred in a Dr. Pepper commercial which followed his retirement to spend more time with his daughters. Watch that below.

9. George Jones

The Possum starred in a commercial with his wife, Nancy, in 2003 promoting his line of country sausages. He sings a little jingle at the end.

Jones also had his own line of dog food, believe it or not! It was called George Jones Country Gold Dog Food and featured two adorable puppies!

10. Johnny Cash

The Man in Black’s nickname should be changed to the Man of Jingles because he starred in so many commercials! He wrote and sang a new jingle for almost each one!

“Where else are you gonna get so many choices for just a little cash,” he asks in a Taco Bell commercial.

He promoted Lionel Trains around Christmas when his son, John, was under 10 years old.

In 1979, Cash gave his recommendation for the best gas treatment brand, STP!

Cash also endorsed a bank he could trust, Canada Trust.

Do y’all remember any of these commercials?! Let us know in the comments!