11 Photos Of George Strait & His Smile

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With 61 number one hits and over 160 million records sold, George Strait has more than earned his title as “The King of Country.” Thanks to his smooth, pure country voice, George has been the subject of great admiration since he made his debut in 1976. 

Despite his immense fame, George has always been down to earth and honest, something that country fans admire him for. He’s also well-known for his cowboy charm, something that shows through most in his signature smile.

Like George himself, his smile captivated us from the get-go. It was a challenge, but we managed to pick out 11 photos that best showcase the irresistible nature of his smile. You can click the button below to look through them all!

Just as a warning…these photos are guaranteed to make you swoon!

11. He Had Us From “Hello”


It’s hard to imagine country music without George. Fans quickly fell in love with him once he made his debut, and looking back on his music and photographs from that time, it’s no wonder why.

In this picture, a young George shows off those pearly whites we’ve come to know and love over the years. He was charming from the start! 

10. Looking Sly

Handout Photo via The Houston Chronicle

Typically George can be seen sporting a bright, cheery grin. But the photo above showcases a different type of smile than we’re used to seeing.

Taken during the early stage of his career, George shot the camera a sly, curved smile. You’ll notice that something else is different about the photo as well…he’s not wearing his signature cowboy hat. A rare photo indeed!

9. Hanging Out With His Best Pal


Like any true cowboy, George is a huge animal lover. He held a special place in his heart for his best buddy Buster, who was an Australian Cattle Dog. Buster appeared on one of George’s album covers, and was even featured with him in commercials for Wrangler Jeans.

It’s clear from the big smile on George’s face in this picture that Buster was a great source of happiness in his life.

8. Flashing A “Pure Country” Smile


In this photo, George is in costume as his character in the 1992 film Pure Country. George played country star Wyatt “Dusty” Chandler, who fights to keep his performances “pure country” without all the glitz and glam involved in typical stage productions.

The soundtrack for the film gave George another reason to smile…it went on to become his best-selling album ever with over six million units sold.

7. Got That Cowboy Thing Going On


Once again, one of George’s best smiles was captured after he spent some time with one of his beloved animals. Here, he can be seen shooting the camera a huge grin while stands next to one of his beautiful horses.

Now that’s a true cowboy right there!

6. Say “Cheese” For The Family Photo

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George may be the King of Country Music, but to a little boy named Harvey, he’s simply grandpa. George takes full advantage of every second he can spend with his family, especially his grandson.

In this picture, George can be seen spending some quality time with his wife Norma and little Harvey, who’s the only one not sporting the signature Strait family smile! 

5. Looking Dashing & Delightful

Burgin Shirley Facebook

Another rare photo of George without his hat! Even though he looks almost unrecognizable without his hat perched on top of his head, there’s no mistaking that smile from anywhere.

We feel like this picture is particularly swoon-worthy, don’t y’all? 

4. Hanging Out Around Home


He may be one of country music’s biggest stars, but at his core George is just a normal country boy. George has always enjoyed spending some relaxing time at home, which is clear from the big smile on his face in this picture.

George proves that you can look cool even when you’re casual!

3. Offering Up A Tip Of The Hat

The Associated Press via The Tampa Tribune

Any true cowboy knows that country girls go crazy when you tip your hat to them. George is clearly in on the secret, which he shows off in this picture.

Between the hat tip and George’s closed-mouth grin, this is one photo that is sure to make many a country gal’s heart skip a beat.

2. Captivating An Entire Crowd


By now, George is a seasoned pro at drawing the audience in to his performances. Although he no longer tours, country fans have the chance to see him perform during his various concert dates in Las Vegas.

The only thing that shines brighter than the stage lights in this photo is George’s smile!

1. “Entertaining” Us With His Smile

Have you ever seen a more genuine smile in your life?

In 2013, George took home the CMA‘s most prestigious award when he was named the Entertainer of the Year. George previously earned the award in 1989 and 1990, but this time was extra special. That’s because George’s 2013 win came smack in the middle of his Cowboy Rides Away farewell tour.

The smile on George’s face after he was handed his trophy says more than anything he said in his speech that night. That’s what true happiness looks like.

Through his music, George has helped put a smile on the faces of millions. No wonder he always seems to be sporting a huge grin of his own!

Which one of these photos did you like the best? We’d love to know!