1930s Mystery Trunk Washes Up On Beach After Hurricane Nicole

Fort Matanzas National Monument / Facebook

Mike OMeally was walking along the beach at Florida’s Fort Matanzas National Monument after Hurricane Nicole passed through the area when he found a mysterious steamer trunk from the 1930s.

Mike posted several photos of the trunk to his Instagram page which got the attention of Fort Matanzas National Monument who then reposted a few of the photos.

“What we found today is a Vintage 1930s Steamer Trunk. It is a brand called “Neverbreak Trunks.” Manufactured By: L. Goldsmith & Son of Newark New Jersey,” Fort Matanzas National Monument wrote on Facebook.


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The trunk was apparently found on November 18 tangled in the roots of a toppled-over tree.

“This is about to get weird no matter how it plays out,” Mike posted on Instagram.

While everyone was curious about what was inside the old trunk, Fort Matanzas National Monument expressed that “nothing of interest” was inside it.


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That statement only fueled the imaginations of many curious commenters who started expressing wild theories of what they thought was in it and where it had come from.

“‘Nothing of interest’ gets me more interested,”  Tenille Marie wrote on the park’s Facebook page.

In some of the photos, sandbags can be seen tied to the truck that had people commenting and some believed the trunk is linked to the Bermuda Triangle’s mythical ability to make things time travel.

“Okay … why was a sandbag tied to the trunk? Was there really just sand inside or maybe disintegrated bone fragments mixed in?” Carole Carter Whatley asked on the Facebook post. “Further investigation is needed.”

“The imagination is not limited when it comes to traveling back in time and wondering — who owned this trunk?” Randy Treadway posted. “And how did it come to be lost? Went down with the Titanic? German U-boat? Bermuda Triangle?”

One idea that many people have that seems to be the most logical answer for how the trunk got there is that Hurricane Nicole caused seven homes in Wilbur-by-the-Sea to fall into the Atlantic Ocean and that the trunk could have likely come from one of them homes.

Video Below Of Another 1930 Steamer Trunk