Google Shares Data On America’s Most Searched Thanksgiving Dishes

Google Trends

Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November every year and this year, it will be on November 24th.

As folks all around America get ready for their Thanksgiving feasts, Google has gathered some interesting data that shows what kinds of foods people are searching for ahead of the holiday.

The main entree that most people in America have on the menu for their Thanksgiving feasts is the turkey. However, different people in different states prefer their turkey to be cooked in different ways.

Looking at Google trends, it appears that most states in America prefer to have smoked turkey. Second in rank is roast turkey, following that is fried turkey, and then baked turkey.

In addition to the main entree, Google trends also pointed out what sidedishes people were searching for and Thanksgiving stuffings were one of the most searched for by each state.

It’s interesting to see which states preferred which stuffings but once the data was fully out for the public to see, it was clear that there was one stuffing people loved the most–cornbread dressing.

Google Trends

Google trends ran another data report on the types of pies that Americans most looked up on the internet to make for their Thanksgiving celebration.

Overwhelmingly, 43% of people searched for pumpkin pie, 26% of people search for apple pie, 20% for pecan pie, 9% searched for sweet potato, and lastly, 2% searched for cranberry pie.

Google Trends

See more of Thanksgiving’s most searched-for food in the video below!