2 ‘Voice’ Coaches Left With Just 2 Singers After Biggest Elimination Of The Season

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How Voice Teams Looked After Last Week

Fans of The Voice have been forced to deal with a series of brutal eliminations over the course of the past few weeks. It all started when the show kicked off its new live cross-battles, which were viewer-voted. Never in the show’s history were viewers given so much power so early on.

In the cross battles, artists competed against singers from opposing teams, rather than their fellow teammates. So when it came time for fans to vote for winners, the results were uneven. 

Team Blake fared the best. Shelton only lost one contestant to elimination, and his steal resulted in him maintaining a full team of eight. Team John and Team Kelly each held on to six contestants, while Team Adam was the smallest team with a total of four singers.

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The Season’s First Instant Save Results

Moving into the Top 24 performance night on Monday (April 29), the remaining contestants knew that the pressure was on. The next elimination would cut the field nearly in half, as only 13 spots were available.

Though technically, there were only 12 available spots, as one of the 13 positions was reserved for the winner of Comeback Stage phase of the competition. The top two Comeback contestants, Kanard Thomas and LB Crew, sang on Tuesday night’s (April 30) result show for the first Instant Save of the season.

Crew won, and was free to choose whoever he wanted as his coach. He picked Levine, since he had previously been on his team before being eliminated in the cross battles.

Which Coach Has The Most?

So other than Crew, which contestants earned enough votes to secure places in the Top 13? And which coach has the most contestants left?

Once again, the coach with the fullest team is Shelton. He managed to keep six of his eight artists, five of which were voted through by viewers and the fifth being saved by Shelton himself (each coach had one save).


The contestants moving through on Team Blake are: Carter Lloyd Horne, Kim Cherry, Dexter Roberts, Andrew Sevener, Gyth Rigdon, and Shelton’s save pick, Oliv Blu.

Other Teams Didn’t Do So Hot

As for the other teams, they didn’t fare as well. Team John was trimmed down to three artists, while Team Kelly is now just a team of two. Only one of her remaining contestants was saved by fan vote, while she saved the other.

But prior to the Instant Save performance, Team Adam was hurt most by the brutal elimination. America didn’t vote through any of his four artists, so the only one he did get to keep was the one he saved himself.

He opted to save Mari Jones, likely thinking she’d be his only remaining contestant from that point forward. Thankfully, Crew joined his team after winning the Instant Save, not wanting to leave his former coach hanging after seeing how much he was “struggling.”


But even though Clarkson and Levine have smaller teams than Legend and Shelton, this could still be anyone’s game. Everyone on The Voice is so talented this season!

The Top 24 contestants proved their talent in a surprise musical commercial for Marshall’s, which aired during elimination night. Be sure to check out that fun video below.

What do y’all think about The Voice‘s most recent elimination? Which contestants were you the most shocked to see sent home?