3-Year-Old Boy Performs George Strait’s ‘Fireman’

Renee Neal YouTube Channel

We think country music legend George Strait would be proud after watching one little tot channel the singer in his rendition of “Fireman”!

The boy thuds in his wooden chair and gives his camera-mom a sharp countdown of “On three! A one, a one, two, three, go!”  Slamming his tiny hand along the guitar to kick off his performance, the boy begins to strum the strings and give and incredibly adorable rendition of Strait’s fiery hit.

“They call me the fireman! That’s my name!” shouts the cowboy, letting his father assist him with any forgotten lyrics. The two jam out and, as the song reaches its final key, the boy channels his gentleman influences by standing up, removing his hat, and bowing for his audience!

“Thank you, everybody!” He yells before making his casual exit.

Props to these remarkable parents for teaching their boy quality music! Check out the performance and tell us what you thought of this little fireman!