Luke Bryan Goes Against His Doctor’s Orders After Biking Accident

Ethan Helms via The Country Note

Those who attended some of Luke Bryan‘s concerts this month may have noticed the addition of a sling on one of his arms. Bryan has had to deal with the unwelcome accessory to his wardrobe ever since he took a nasty fall off of his bike on October 6.

Over the course of the past few months, Bryan has started bicycling, and was out with an experienced friend on a 28-mile ride when it suddenly went wrong. Bryan went off the road, and when he tried to correct himself, he crashed. He ended up breaking his clavicle and required surgery, but was back on stage in no time.

Still, Bryan was told by his doctor to wear a sling for the next three weeks. Knowing how much Bryan likes to move and groove during his shows, the sling was a bit of a nuisance to him. So that’s why Bryan made the shocking decision to go against his doctor’s orders and bid farewell to his sling before the three weeks were up.

Bryan told KASE 101 that the sling was keeping him from doing what he does best, which is “shaking it” for the crowd while he performs. “When you break your daggum collar bone, and you’re a singer, and when you don’t necessarily follow all of the doctor’s orders, like, ‘Be in a sling for three weeks,’ not three days,” he said. “I can’t be up there in a sling doing what I’m trying to do. I mean, to shake? The sling was counterbalancing me.

Even when he did have the sling on, Bryan somehow managed to still put on a killer show for his fans. We’re glad that’s he’s ready to “Move” and dance like normal, but we sure hope he knows what he’s doing!