19 Halloween Costumes Worn By Country Music Singers

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Halloween…the one day each year where people can be anything they want to be, whether that’s a princess, a superhero, or a mythical creature. Some people get real serious about their costumes, and strive to craft a unique ensemble that will stand out in the crowd.

Country artists are no exception.

Over the years some country stars have gone the extra mile to fashion some pretty creative costumes. Some have dressed up as their favorite movie characters, while others have gone the more scary route. There are a few out there who have even dressed up like one of their fellow artists!

Get in the Halloween spirit by checking out 20 of the most creative costumes worn by country music stars. Maybe looking at these photos will give you a few ideas for a costume of your own!

1. Parmalee

Country music group Parmalee is basically a family affair, comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, their cousin, Barry Knox (bass) and their childhood best friend Josh McSwain.

So when it came time to dress up for Halloween in 2014, Parmalee decided to dress up like characters from a TV show about a hardcore country family…the Dukes! (From the Dukes of Hazzard, of course).

2. LeAnn Rimes & Husband Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes is almost as well-known for her creative Halloween costumes as she is for her beautiful voice. Back in 2013, her husband Eddie Cibrian paired up with her to complete the most incredible country couple costume we’ve ever seen.

LeAnn and Eddie dressed up like another famous pair in country music history…Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton! Eddie even made sure to sport Kenny’s signature beard!

3. Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert might as well be crowned the country queen of Halloween. From dressing up as Honey Boo Boo to getting dolled up as Glinda the Good Witch, Miranda never skimps on her costumes.

Such was the case in 2014, when Miranda dressed up as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. She even nailed her signature pose!

4. Scotty McCreery

It’s Tool Time w/ Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and Al Borland

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Scotty McCreery is yet another country star who loves to have fun with his Halloween costumes. He also loves to go in on group costumes, often teaming up with a friend or several in order to conquer Halloween.

Back in 2013, Scotty embraced his inner handyman by dressing up as the character Al Borland from the popular television series Home Improvement, while his friend dressed up like “Tim the Tool Man Taylor.” We think they both nailed their looks, don’t you?

5. Jason Michael Carroll

Everyone knows that Jason Michael Carroll is a talented artist, but did you have any idea he’s also an expert at making Halloween costumes?

For Halloween 2014, Jason sported a spooky makeup job when he dressed up as the Joker. That’s not an easy look to pull off, but Jason got it down, green hair and all!

6. Luke & Caroline Bryan

Every time Halloween rolls around, we know to expect an unusual costume from Luke Bryan. But he really blew us away with his 2015 costume, since it was equal parts hilarious and scary.

Wife Caroline joined Luke for this masterpiece, which consisted of him being dressed as an old woman in a housecoat and curlers, while Caroline took on the role of an old man. It’s impossible not to laugh while looking at this picture!

7. Brett Eldredge

BUDDY THE ELF drank a lot of maple syrup last night! Watch my CHAT SNAP TO SEE HIM IN ACTION

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Christmas came early in 2015 when Brett Eldredge dressed up like Buddy the Elf from the movie Elf for Halloween.

Referencing the movie, Brett said that he “drank a lot of maple syrup” and based on how high he was jumping in the air, we’d say it was a combination of syrup and Halloween candy!

8. Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins

Brett’s good friend Thomas Rhett and his beautiful wife Lauren also had an epic Halloween costume in 2015!

Embracing their country roots, Thomas dressed up like Woody from Toy Story while Lauren was Jessie. After they put together this adorable costume, we won’t be surprised if more country couples follow their lead!

9. Chris Young

Happy Halloween!! Love you guys

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Someone in Chris Young‘s camp also caught on to the Toy Story memo, and dressed up as Woody for Halloween 2015. Chris went more with the simple route, donning a black vest and a dark pair of shades to pose as a SWAT team member.

But what made his costume so awesome is the fact that he got a whole bunch of friends to dress up with him. Sure, not all of their costumes fit the same theme, but they were having fun and that’s what matters!

10. Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini has a hit song called “Peter Pan,” and she made life imitate art when she went as Tinker Bell for Halloween in 2015.

Rather than dress up as the Disney version of Tinker Bell, Kelsea put her own unique spin on the costume by wearing a sparkly pink romper and glittery wings. Plus, she had a whole bunch of friends who also dressed up like characters from Peter Pan!

11. Lauren Alaina

Apparently Jana Kramer threw quite the Halloween party in 2015, and Lauren Alaina made sure to make an appearance in her super fun costume!

Along with a few friends, Lauren dressed up like Lola Bunny, a character from the movie Space Jam. You could easily replicate the costume yourself, since all you’ll need is a basketball uniform and a pair of bunny ears!

12. Trisha Yearwood

Food Network
Food Network

Back in 2012, Trisha Yearwood and her Trisha’s Southern Kitchen crew decided to dress up as a music group whose style is completely different from country.

As you can tell from the photo above, Trisha and her crew went all out and dressed up as the members of KISS. But can you tell which person is Trisha behind all of that makeup?

13. Julianne Hough

Alabama ❤️ Clarence #TrueRomance #favoritemovie

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Julianne Hough is used to playing dress up, since she has to wear many elaborate and dazzling costumes as a ballroom dancer. But she took her costume game to a whole new level when she went out for Halloween in 2015.

Julianne dressed up as Patricia Arquette’s character Alabama in the movie Pure Romance, and she had the look nailed to a tee! The resemblance was really uncanny!

14. Jennifer Nettles & Family

Jennifer Nettles Instagram
Jennifer Nettles Instagram

Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland had the perfect Halloween costume for the whole family in 2015!

Jennifer, her husband Justin Miller, and their son Magnus, had a Charlotte’s Web theme going for their family costume. In case you can’t tell, little Magnus dressed up as Wilbur, and Jennifer was the web!

15. Jake Owen & Daughter Pearl

Jake Owen Twitter
Jake Owen Twitter

Like Jennifer, Jake Owen knows that some of the best Halloween costumes are the ones you do with your kids. He recruited daughter Pearl to help him out with his 2015 costume, and they made quite the adorable pair.

Jake dressed up as a handsome pirate, while little Pearl was his trusty parrot. What a cute idea!

16. Maddie & Tae

Happy fall y’all! Do you have your Halloween costume ready yet? ? #tbt

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Maddie & Tae love Halloween, and they always come up with the cutest costume ideas!

Once, the dynamic duo dressed up like another famous female country group, The Chicks. But they made their costumes all the more unique by dressing up as actual chicks, rather than dressing up like the members of the group themselves. These girls know how to do Halloween!

17. Lady A


Lady A followed the popular route of posing as other country artists for Halloween one year. The decided to dress up as the unstoppable trio of Brooks & Dunn and Reba McEntire!

We have to commend these three for fully tackling their looks, especially when it came to their wigs! (And mustache, in Dave Haywood’s case, who dressed up as Kix Brooks).

18. Craig Campbell

If you could win Halloween, Craig Campbell did just that in 2013.

Ditching all things country, Craig went as the “Goddess of Pop” herself, Cher. Only Craig made a unique choice by deciding not to shave his beard for the occasion. We’re sure he got a lot of laughs with that costume!

19. RaeLynn

In case you didn’t notice her in Craig’s picture, RaeLynn went as old school Blake Shelton for Halloween in 2013.

This has to be our favorite country star costume ever, because RaeLynn was actually a member of Blake’s team when she competed on The Voice. Needless to say, she got to know her coach well enough to be able to perfectly replicate his look from the “mullet days!”

We will always love RaeLynn’s Blake Shelton costume, but which country star costume is your favorite? Let us know!