7 Facts About Luke Bryan, His Life, & Career

David Becker / ACM2016 / Getty Images

Fun Facts About A Leading Country Star

When it comes to country music, few artists can match the level of fame that Luke Bryan has right now. Since his debut in 2007, Bryan has managed to sell millions of albums and singles worldwide.

In addition to his impressive sales totals, Bryan is known as one of the best entertainers in country music. He has been named as both CMA’s and ACM’s Entertainer of the Year, and is a frequent headliner at country festivals and other major events. He has also served as a judge on the rebooted version of American Idol.

As one of the biggest names in country music, there’s not much out there that country fans don’t know about Bryan. But only his most devoted fans know the facts that we’ve listed for you below! Time for y’all to check out what they are!

1. His Real Name Isn’t “Luke”

If Bryan stuck with his birth name, country fans would be going crazy over an artist named Thomas Luther rather than Luke Bryan. That’s right, his name is actually Thomas Luther Bryan!

Bryan eventually shortened his middle name “Luther” to “Luke,” and the nickname stuck. We’d say it suits him!

2. He Was Hit By A Car

Bryan is known for taking his fair share of tumbles on stage. But as a young child, he suffered a terrifying accident that could have been deadly.

As Bryan revealed during a tell-all interview with Us Weekly, he was hit by a car when he was in the second grade. Ouch!

3. His Guilty Pleasures Are Salty Snacks

When asked what his all-time guilty pleasure is, Bryan had an interesting answer to give both Us Weekly and Yahoo! It turns out that the “Move” singer simply can’t resit a big batch of movie theater popcorn. Can you blame him? That stuff is delicious!

Other than popcorn, Bryan is a big fan of other salty snacks. He’s known to chow down on a bowl of soup or a BLT sandwich on tour, and his go-to pre-show snack is a bag of plain Lay’s potato chips.

4. He Plays Piano By Ear

Anyone who has been to one of Bryan’s shows knows that guy can rock out on the piano! Bryan plays piano in several of his own songs, but he also plays and sings along to country classics and pop hits during a major mashup portion of his concerts.

But Bryan manages to do all that skilled piano playing without any music as a guide. As he revealed to Us Weekly, he does all of his piano playing by ear. It’s clearly a technique that works!

5. He Co-Owns A Hunting Company

There’s a good reason why there’s so many photos and videos out there of Bryan hanging out with the guys from the popular reality television series, Duck Dynasty. In addition to being a country singer, Bryan is also a co-owner of the deer-hunting company Buck Commander, the sister company to Duck Dynasty‘s Duck Commander.

Bryan isn’t the only major country music star with a stake in the hunting business. His good friend Jason Aldean is a co-owner of Buck Commander as well!

6. He Has A Tattoo On His Butt

Speaking of Buck Commander, we’re sure you’ve noticed the Buck Commander logo tattooed on Bryan’s arm. But the booty-shakin’ country singer has another tattoo in a spot that’s a little more…hidden.

Bryan made a powerful commitment to his wife, Caroline, when he had her initials tattooed on his behind. According to AXS, Caroline apparently has a tattoo to match. Hey, the couple that inks together sticks together, right?

7. He Wrote A Big Hit For Another Country Artist

Before Bryan made his debut as an artist with “All My Friends Say” in 2007, he was working behind the scenes as a songwriter. He had a hand in penning a pretty big hit during that time!

Remember Billy Currington’s “Good Directions,” which was a number one country hit and a crossover smash in 2006? Well it turns out that Bryan served as one of the co-writers on the track! He wrote it along with songwriter Rachel Thibodeau, and the song was eventually cut by Currington.

Other than “Good Directions,” Bryan has a hand in writing a lot of his own material, including “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” “Move,” and “Strip It Down.”

Which one of these fun facts about Bryan surprised y’all the most? He’s one interesting fella, that’s for sure!