ABC Chooses First Judge For ‘American Idol’ Reboot

American Idol has been brought back by ABC and is slated to air in 2018. It has only been a week and there are already more than a few rumors flying around as to who will be judging the competition.

Idol alumni Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Chris Daughtry have all been rumored to be “in talks” with producers about coming back as judges. Just a few days ago, both Hudson and Clarkson signed on to be judges on the 13th and 14th seasons of The Voice, so those rumors were squashed pretty quickly.

As of late, Katy Perry’s name was thrown into the rumor mill, but it turned out to be, so far, the only true information fans were getting.

In a tweet, American Idol confirmed she will be “a judge on ABC’s American Idol”.

Just a few minutes later, Perry expressed her excitement for her new gig on Twitter saying, “SO thrilled [ABC] is bringing back American Idol, and I’m bringing it back to the MUSIC…[See] you at auditions!”

Watch one of the auditions she served as a guest judge for during Season 9!