Adorable 4-Year-Old Challenges Dolly Parton With Her Creative Handmade Costume


While most children approach halloween with the expectations of securing a costume idea entailing princess apparel or a large amount of fake blood and fangs, one little girl stepped out of the ordinary box and choose a more realistic inspiration. 4-year-old Peyton Graham of Knoxville made the executive, and incredibly genius, decision of recreating country music legend Dolly Parton. The little girl, wielding a mini guitar and curly, blonde locks, went to her clearly crafty aunt for assistance, who handmade the child a vibrant, colorful coat to represent Parton’s iconic coat that her mother had stitched from rags.

Photo Credit: Wade, Madison

Peyton even gave a special performance in her costume, jamming out to Parton’s song “Coat of Many Colors” and giving viewers endless laughs! This cowgirl clearly knows high quality inspiration when she sees it!