Horse Sees Baby In A Carrier And Does The Unthinkable

Facebook/Within the Spirit of the Native

In certain circumstances, horses can be completely unpredictable. Even if you love them and treat them well, they can be temperamental.

For this horse in particular, he seemed to be a loving, caring and devoted horse. When his owner placed her baby in the baby carrier in front of the horse, we didn’t know what to expect, but what happened next was incredible.

The horse leaned his head down and used his nose to rock the baby carrier. At first the baby seemed a bit fussy, but after a few rocks, they were at ease and enjoying life!

The baby began dancing around in their carrier! What an incredible bond they will have for years to come and such an amazing moment for the baby’s horse-loving parents.

If you love animals, this is a must-see! Watch the video below.