Brad Paisley Sings For Randy Travis At 2016 Hall Of Fame Induction

One Country / YouTube

Randy Gets Recognition He Deserved

Randy Travis is one of country music’s greatest, and in 2016, the Country Music Hall of Fame confirmed that. Along with Charlie Daniels and Fred Foster, Travis took his rightful place in the Hall of Fame, and the celebration in his honor was an emotional one.

After suffering a stroke three years prior to his induction, Travis was unable to sing. But during the ceremony, he proved that miracles can happen when he took the microphone and sang “Amazing Grace.”

Garth Brooks, who inducted Travis into the Hall of Fame, was in tears as he listened to the country legend sing. Following Travis’ performance, the entire room soared to its feet.

A Performance In His Honor

But before Travis’ moving performance, another singer touched the hearts of the crowd with a one of his own. Brad Paisley was on hand to honor Travis prior to his induction, and sang one of his most recognizable songs to mark the occasion.

Speaking briefly before he started the song, Paisley expressed how honored he was to be there to celebrate Travis’ induction into the Hall of Fame. “You were a beacon of light on the radio when you first started, and to this day you are still one of the greatest singers we’ve ever had,” Paisley said. “I’m honored to do this for you today pal.

From there, Paisley started singing Travis’ beloved hit, “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Paisley’s acoustic performance was as heartfelt as it gets, and we’re sure everyone in the room was deeply touched by his tribute.

Once he finished singing, Paisley removed his signature cowboy hat and bowed to Travis, acknowledging his great contributions to country music. 

You can watch Paisley’s full tribute performance to Travis in the clip below.