Alabama’s 1993 “Angels Among Us” Music Video Tells Stories Of Real-Life Angels

AlabamaVEVO /YouTube

Although technically a Christmas song because it was released as a Christmas single on Alabama’s 1993 album Cheap Seats, “Angels Among Us” is relevant any day of the year.

In fact, lead singer Randy Owen has admitted that when the band released the single, they received “hundreds of letters from all over the world saying that the song was a blessing.

As if the song weren’t moving enough, Alabama takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions in the music video. The band starts the video performing the song on stage while photos of people, who are actual angels among us, and their stories come across the screen.

Alabama Band / YouTube

The first story is of a man named Harry Watkins who works hard to keep kids off drugs. Since he began working with the kids in his community, it saw a 50% decrease in minors using drugs.

Another story showcased is John Winestead’s, who was stabbed multiple times trying to save a woman from being attacked in a parking lot.

Alabama Band / YouTube

These people, and the many more that are included in the video, are everyday heroes who embody the message of this song to a tee.

During the second chorus, we got chills from Owens’ incredible vocals backed by the Sanctuary Choir and Young Musicians Choir of the First Baptist Church, and we know you will, too.

Alabama Band / YouTube

Watch the music video for “Angels Among Us” below.