Alfred Hitchcock’s Only Daughter Dies At 93

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Actress Patricia Hitchcock, the only child of the famous director, Alfred Hitchcock, has died.

Patricia’s daughter, Amblin, confirmed the news with EW. Patricia died at her daughter’s home in Thousand Oaks, California, on Monday, August 9. She was 93.

 Patricia worked alongside her father on some of his most iconic projects. The actress held small parts in films, such as Strangers on a Train, Stage Fright, and Psycho. Outside of acting, Patricia was also a producer and an author. After her mother died in 1892, Patricia wrote Alma Hitchcock: The Woman Behind the Man. 

“I don’t think she ever got the credit for being as good as she was. My father depended on her for everything. In the early days, she wrote the scripts and then became continuity and finally, she just worked with him all the time,” she shared in her book. 

In 1984, the actress also opened up about her childhood to The Washington Post. Patricia shared that she “was brought up rather as an English child” and “didn’t speak unless spoken to.” She also spoke highly of her father. She stated:

“However, my father didn’t believe in punishment. When I did something wrong, he would reason with me. Sometimes I wish he would have screamed more. He’d say, ‘Do you realize how you’ve hurt your mother and me?’ Of course, I’d want to go through the floor. I was very close to my father. He used to take me out every Saturday, shopping and to lunch. On Sundays, he took me to church regularly, until I could drive. Then I’d drive him to church regularly. It’s because of his diligence that my religion is so strong today.”

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