Amazon Delivery Man Encounters Black Bear – Home Security Footage

Inside Edition / YouTube

Upland, California resident Joshua Morgan witnessed an Amazon delivery man get into an encounter with a black bear on his property while the man was trying to deliver a package.

The footage was all captured on the home’s security camera and Joshua watched it go down as it happened. The footage showed the bear on the inside of the property crossing the driveway and hiding behind a rock wall corner.

Inside Edition / YouTube

The Amazon delivery man then walked up the driveway and put in the code to open the gate like he’d normally do.

As the gate is opening, however, you can hear Joshua yelling at the man trying to get his attention to let him know there was a bear on the other side of the gate.

Joshua yelled through the speaker, “Stop right there! There is a bear right there! Can you hear me? That’s a bear! Back away!”

The bear then pops its big black head on top of the rock wall and stands there overlooking the Amazon worker who eventually looks up and sees the bear.

Inside Edition / YouTube

The Amazon worker appearing unfazed by the dangerous predator raised his arms up to make himself look bigger, prompting the bear to climb down and run away from the property and it worked like a charm.

“Smart move. That’s exactly what experts say he’s sussposed to do,” said a spokesperson for Inside Edition.

As if nothing happened, the delivery man walks on through the gate to finish delivering the package.

Joshua said that he often sees bears, coyotes, and mountain lions on his property so he is not surprised the encounter happened but he is happy the man is safe.

Watch Footage From The Bear Encounter Below