Amid Cancer Battle, Olivia Newton-John Launches Foundation

onjfoundation / Instagram

Olivia Newton-John is currently battling cancer for the third time.

Newton-John previously battled cancer twice in 1992 and 2013, but in 2017, she found out she had Stage 4 breast cancer and it had spread to her bones.

Instead of just focusing on her own battle, she has started a foundation with hopes of helping hundreds, maybe thousands of people who are fighting just like her.

We are proud to announce the establishment of the Olivia Newton-John Foundation. With your help, we will realise a world beyond cancer,” the foundation’s first Instagram post read.

In the clip, the singer-actress said, “I’m probably one of those people living beyond cancer. Living beyond probably what people expected to happen.

Newton-John has been a longtime supporter of cancer survivors and fighters, opening up a wellness center in Melbourne, Australia.

“Life is a gift and I’ve had an amazing life and I intend to keep going with it and I want to help other people with cancer of course,” she said in the past. “I have my wellness center in Melbourne and I want to see it in my lifetime so other people don’t have to suffer.”

After launching the Olivia Newton-John Foundation on October 5, she got some support from Julianne Hough, who followed in her footsteps by playing Sandy in Fox’s Grease Live! in 2016.

I am so honored to call [Olivia Newton-John] my friend. At a time when we are all so aware of the need to nurture ourselves and those around us, Olivia needs your support. As a three-time “cancer thriver” herself, she has just started her new foundation to find kinder ways to treat, prevent and cure all cancers, with a strong focus on plant medicine,” she wrote. “Please follow @onjfoundation and support her dream of realising a world beyond cancer, and head to the link in my bio to learn more.”

Watch CBS Sunday Morning’s profile on her in 2019, where she opens up about fighting cancer for the third time.