“Angry” Alligator Sneaks Into Family’s Backyard – Breaks Furniture, Slams Tail Into Door

FERNANDO LOSSADA via The Island Packet / YouTube

While this Hilton Head, South Carolina family was hunkered down in their home due to coronavirus, an unwanted visitor took advantage of their empty backyard.

An alligator that locals call “Big George” took a stroll away from his lagoon and entered the Lossada family’s residence. The alligator didn’t just come to their backyard for a peaceful stroll, he came in a very destructive manner.

“Big George” tossed their fire pit, which broke items that were on the table nearby, toppled over their patio furniture, and banged his tail on the glass door.

He was angry,” Fernando Lossada told The Island Packet. “He was very angry.”

He also said spotting an alligator is not uncommon, seeing as he and his family’s home is surrounded by lagoons.

We see those everyday [sic], but never in the backyard knocking everything down,” he said.

Lossada was at work and received a frantic phone call from his mom, who was at the home with his three children. He remembers hearing his mom say “alligator,” followed by screaming and he rushed home.

It took four security guards to move “Big George,” who doesn’t have a specified size, out of their backyard and back into his lagoon.

As long as he doesn’t hurt anybody, they just put him back in the water,” Lossada said. “This is his home, and he’s not hurting anybody. We just need to be careful.

The father of three is using this as a lesson for his children, who were home from school due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a great thing for kids to learn right now,” he said. “See, this was what we are talking about, guys. You don’t get close to alligators.”

Watch the frightening video of “Big George” in the backyard below.