Archy The Horse Walks Into Pen & Starts Passing Gas

Lin Files YouTube Channel

Horses…they’ve been with us for centuries, providing us with everything from transportation to companionship…and in the case of one horse, endless laughter.

Allow us to introduce you to Archy. This handsome brown horse spends his days at the Rocking Horse Ranch in El Cajon, California, completely oblivious to the fact that he’s one of the most famous horses in the world.

How did Archy become so famous, you ask? Well, Archy didn’t find his claim to fame through racing, like many horses do. He didn’t even find it by participating in the rodeo or by starring in movies. He found it through farts.

Now we know what you’re thinking, how did a farting horse become famous? We’re sure that Archy’s owners have been asking the same thing for years, ever since they shared the now-viral video of him letting ’em rip without a care in the world.

The clip shows Archy entering his corral, head down to the ground, sniffing out the comfiest spot to pass some gas. After a few good sniffs, he finally found the ideal spot, and threw himself on the ground before he let the farts fly.

With his owners watching the whole thing, Archy kept rolling around and shamelessly let one fart out after the next. Surprisingly, the woman behind the camera only let out a small chuckle as she watched Archy do his thing. We would have been laughing our heads off if we witnessed something like that!

After a few solid seconds of rolling and farting, Archy shook the dust off his back and stood up. He started sniffing around the corral again, signaling that he wasn’t quite comfortable yet. That’s when he threw himself down on the ground once more, and proceeded to start passing gas again.

Could you imagine having all that air in your intestines, how good that must feel?” asked one of Archy’s owners. Based on how happy Archy seemed after he was done doing his business, we’d say it made him pretty happy!

We wonder if Archy would be happy to know how famous his farts made him? Archy’s famous video has generated millions of views. That’s a lot of people!

Now you can be one of the millions to witness the wonder that is Archy the horse. Go ahead and scroll down below to catch the video. It’s guaranteed to give you a good laugh!