Glen Campbell’s Son Shares Heartbreaking Statement On Dad’s Health

After spending years touring with his dad and watching him slowly disappear from the effects of Alzheimer’s, one of Glen Campbell‘s closest children has poured his heart out in a blog post that hopes to bring people in similar situations some comfort and guidance as they deal with this terrible disease that is taking their […] More

Glen Campbell’s Family Reveals Tragic State Of Declining Health

They are coming forward about what will be the final stages of his disease and how the once amazing performer has tragically deteriorated since his Alzheimer’s diagnosis. Glen Campbell is a man known for many things. His music, his acting, his sparkling personality, and of course – his iconic live performances. Now, the country music […] More

The Last Encore: Glen Campbell’s Final Concert

The man known worldwide as the “Rhinestone Cowboy” who played across radio waves with his seemingly endless string of hits gave his all during his farewell tour that any country music fan will never forget. Glen Campbell, one of the most beloved and well-known country singers in the last 50 years, closed out his career exactly […] More

Glen Campbell’s Wife Gives Heartbreaking Health Update

Struggling with what to reveal about his condition, the country legend’s wife truly opened up for the first time in a long time about how his battle with Alzheimer’s has progressed. Glen Campbell, one of America’s beloved country crooners and legendary performer, has been battling Alzheimer’s since he was diagnosed in 2011, but after five […] More