Watch Glen Campbell Shake His Hips Just Like Elvis In This Funny Performance

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If only one singer could ever be called a “heartthrob,” then that title would belong to Elvis PresleyEverything from his looks to the sound of his voice made him incredibly attractive to women around the world. Even those who have been born since Elvis passed away can recognize “The King’s” appeal.

Elvis was also well-known for his dance moves, which were considered to be risque for the time. Just a simple shake of his hips could send an entire crowd of women into a hysterical fit of screams.

Since Elvis’ dance moves were such a big hit, many others attempted to mimic them. But we don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone pull them off as well as Glen Campbell did!

Quite a heartthrob himself at the time, Glen decided to sport his best Elvis impression during an appearance on The Dean Martin Show in 1970. A short clip recently resurfaced of Glen’s impression, and it is pure gold.

Standing in Elvis’ signature stance, Glen broke out into “Heartbreak Hotel.” He quickly shook his hips to the side, much like Elvis used to do. But the move didn’t go over as well for Glen, as he leaned over and clutched his leg in pain.

Glen tried to give the move one more shot, and felt that it was more successful that time. “No wonder he does that, that feels good,” he said, prompting a big laugh from the audience.

After that, Glen moved into shaking his legs and hips like Elvis would always do. The women standing behind him on stage starting screaming with glee, poking fun at how women would act whenever Elvis danced.

Glen finished off his little impression with a personal touch. He threw in a guitar flip and also had some fun messing with his vocals. Just like Elvis, Glen knew how to entertain a crowd!

Tune in below to watch Glen’s equally impressive and hilarious attempt at copying Elvis’ dance moves. It’s so good, you’ll want to watch it more than once!