Ronnie Dunn Recalls The Moment Glen Campbell Said He Didn’t Like “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”

Taste Of Country / YouTube

Ronnie Dunn opened up about his first, and very unforgettable, encounter with music legend Glen Campbell, and we can assure you it’s about as awkward as they get.

Dunn explained that his duo, Brooks & Dunn, was at the time on their fourth single from their groundbreaking album Neon Moon, which had a huge hand in skyrocketing their careers.

Describing the setup of the CMA Awards dressing rooms, the singer explained that essentially performers and stars share one big room, never guaranteeing which star could run into another.

“Of course, I open the door and there’s Glen Campbell, and I’m [like] ‘Holy hell! I’m in a room with Glen Campbell!”

The starstruck Dunn expressed his admiration for Campbell and his extremely kind personality. Dunn explained that the legend was manning a camera and regretfully telling of how he had wished he had taken more pictures along his journey.

This is when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

“Then we got to talking and he goes ‘Man, I love everything you guys are doing right now… Except for that ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’ thing!” Dunn continued, “Can you imagine what that’s going to feel like singing at 40?”

Brooks admitted that the unexpected opinion shut the singer down, but casually explains that he doesn’t believe Campbell intended for the comment to be insulting. Regardless, Dunn brushed it off and is able to laugh about the memory today!