Priscilla Presley Says “There’s Not Much Elvis” In Graceland Guesthouse

Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Titled The ‘Guesthouse at Graceland’ this expansive (and expensive) new addition to the property comes with its very own, unique style – much of it influenced by Elvis Presley‘s life, but in a new article Priscilla Presley reveals that you won’t see much of The King around.

The new addition to Elvis’ plot features a vast array of entertainment, dining, and shopping options – all with a glamorous and modern take to them, and while much of the architecture was inspired by features of Elvis’ Graceland home, Priscilla tells People Magazine that there’s not much “Elvis” in the hotel.

“Each suite has a feel of Elvis. We didn’t want it so Elvis-themed and Elvis everywhere, because you can see that at Graceland,” Priscilla confessed. “He wouldn’t have wanted a hotel full of his picture.”

Priscilla, who had a strong influence on the bevy of luxurious suites, also tells the publication that many of them are designed with distinct features resembling various rooms throughout Graceland, but the Jungle Room was a bit too eccentric for the modern flair of this new hotel.

Watch the video below where Priscilla Presley gives the ‘Today Show’ a full tour!