Granger Smith Releases Special Shirt In Son’s Memory

On June 6, country singer Granger Smith and his wife, Amber, took to social media to share some heartbreaking news. Their youngest child, three-year-old son River, had passed away. Initially, Granger and Amber only said that River died as the result of a “tragic accident.” Later, the couple’s rep told People that River passed away […] More

Country Singer Gets Down On One Knee In Front Of Jam-Packed Audience

It’s no surprise that country singers are quite possibly the most romantic people in the entire world. They aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, and have an extraordinary gift of being able to articulate their feelings into a song. Country singer Granger Smith often uses his wife Amber as his muse, and […] More

Country Singer Wishes More Singers ‘Would Speak Out’ On Politics

In one of the most polarizing political administrations in United States history, many country singers are faced with a tricky decision when it comes to letting their political views be known. Apart from a select few tweeting positively about the Women’s March or Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith‘s performances at the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Nashville’s elite […] More