Country Singer Gets Down On One Knee In Front Of Jam-Packed Audience

jocnicole24 / Twitter

It’s no surprise that country singers are quite possibly the most romantic people in the entire world. They aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, and have an extraordinary gift of being able to articulate their feelings into a song.

Country singer Granger Smith often uses his wife Amber as his muse, and that couldn’t be more true for his latest single, “Happens Like That,” off his album When the Good Guys Win.

In a Facebook video, Smith explained that his next show would be in Fort Worth, Texas and that happens to be the hometown of his lovely wife. Amber’s whole family, as well as her friends, were going to be there, so he wanted to make it a special night for her.

At most of his shows, there is usually a proposal that takes place because of a lyric in “Happens Like That” about getting down on one knee, so at the Fort Worth concert, he planned on inviting a couple up to get engaged and then tell the audience that when he wrote the song, he only had one girl in mind.

That’s when he would invite Amber on stage and reenact his proposal. She had no idea what was going on, but happily kissed her husband in front of the jam-packed audience.

Ever wonder how just one drink turned into one knee down and a diamond ring,” he sang as he dropped down to one knee, reenacting his proposal many years ago. The crowd went absolutely wild and in a Twitter video taken by a fan, you can hear screams of women saying, “Oh my God!”

I sing this song every night, but never to the girl I actually wrote it about… until now,” he captioned the video. Watch the sweet moment below.