Granger Smith’s Wife Admits She Is “Broken’ After Son’s Tragic Passing

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Almost one month has gone by since the last time she heard her youngest son laugh or seen him smile and although she may seem strong from the outside, she wants everyone to know how she truly feels…broken.

Amber Smith and her country star husband Granger Smith made a heartbreaking announcement on June 6 that their youngest son River had passed away following a “tragic accident.”

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I have to deliver unthinkable news. We’ve lost our youngest son, River Kelly Smith. Following a tragic accident, and despite doctor’s best efforts, he was unable to be revived. Amber and I made the decision to say our last goodbyes and donate his organs so that other children will be given a second chance at life. Our family is devastated and heartbroken, but we take solace in knowing he is with his Heavenly Father. Riv was special. Everyone that met him knew that immediately. The joy he brought to our lives cannot be expressed and his light will be forever in our hearts. If there are words to say more, I cannot find them in this moment. Love the ones close to you. There has never been a more difficult moment for us than this. . . In lieu of flowers or gifts, please send donations to Dell Children’s Medical Center in River’s name. The doctors, nurses and staff have been incredible.

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Granger and Amber released a 30-minute YouTube video on June 19 where they briefly detailed the drowning accident that took River’s life.

“It as a night just like this. I was outside playing with London. We were doing gymnastics in the yard, and the boys were playing water gun fight. I remember thinking, I was looking at London, she was doing gymnastics, and I thought ‘Soak up this moment,’” Smith recalled. “‘ Soak up this moment because it’s not going to last forever.’ Somewhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, we don’t know, Amber and I are inside our pool gate doing CPR on our son.”

“The platform we immediately stand for is… Love those close to you. Soak up those moments for today. Live in the present because we’re not guaranteed tomorrow. 

In a new Instagram post featuring several encouraging quotes intermixed with adorable selfies of her and River, Amber wrote, “Missing my baby so much ❤️.”

She continued, “People keep saying, ‘you’re so strong’  ‘how are you functioning?’  ‘I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed. I am broken. My heart will never be the same. I will never be the same. Yes, I have strong moments, but I also (as any grieving mother would do) cry, scream, question, and fall to my knees. Then I get back up and fight.

Amber goes on to say that she wants to share this part of her life with everyone so if her family can help just one person who going through something similar, it will all be worth it.

See her full post below, and make sure to swipe through to see all the photos.

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Missing my baby so much ❤️. People keep saying, “you’re so strong” “how are you functioning?” “I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.” I am broken. My heart will never be the same. I will never be the same. Yes, I have strong moments, but I also (as any grieving mother would do) cry, scream, question, and fall to my knees. Then I get back up and fight. I just want to share my journey with all of you because it will be a long road, and if we can help at least one person going through something like this, then it is worth it to me to be open about my feelings, my faith, my struggles. To any of you experiencing a loss of any kind (and maybe I’m just trying to remind myself here) – You can do this. You can grieve and still be strong for your family, husband and or other kiddos. Lean in to Him in your weakness and learn to not beat yourself up (like I do) when you are having a moment of calm. Shut out the negative and focus on the light and the love. ? Be kind to those around you. Before you choose to judge or tear down, always try to encourage or lift people up. That person next to you, that car in front of you, that woman down the street, that man in your office, those kiddos in the store, you never know what kind of trials they are facing. Thank you all again for sharing your stories of loss with me, for lifting my family up through prayers and encouragement. YOU are the reasons for my strength at times and I’m so grateful. ♥️

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We are keeping the Smith family in our prayers.