UNO Confirms Stacking ‘Draw 2’ & ‘Draw 4’ Cards Is Against The Rules

Twitter / @realUNOgame

The internet is losing its mind after the official UNO Twitter account threw down some hard truths about the way people have been playing UNO for decades. And UNO says that all of us are playing wrong…very wrong.

To start, you might not actually know that the game is won when a person reaches a score of 500 points after a series of rounds. Didn’t know you had to keep count of points during UNO? Yeah, me either.

But, with UNO actually calling me (and everyone else) out for “cheating,” I figured it was a good time to actually read the rules.

So, what did UNO say that confirmed all of us have been playing the game wrong for our entire lives? Well, it’s simple. You can’t stack “Draw 2” or “Draw 4” cards on top of each other and make the next person draw the total.

Yes, it’s a hard truth, folks. But we can’t live this lie any longer.

The reality is that most of us never really read the rules that came with our first pack of UNO cards. Nope, we all have been taught how to play UNO by our parents, family, or friends.

And because nobody is reading the actual rules, this random quirk of an “illegal move” somehow became common knowledge and behavior.

However, that is probably going to change.

Check out the video below for more rules and misunderstandings about UNO.