15-Foot Snake On The Loose For 2 Weeks & Counting…

Monty The Tuscaloosa Python / Facebook

A massive snake is currently on the loose, and it has somehow managed to avoid the police over the course of two weeks.

In mid-June, authorities in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, began searching for the snake after it was sighted three times in one day. There was a great sense of urgency to find the snake, since it is no average serpent.

Instead, the evasive snake is actually a 15-foot yellow python.


Although pythons are non-venomous, they are dangerous. The snake is big enough to constrict and eat animals much larger than itself, meaning that area pets could be in danger.

People don’t have as much to worry about, though if bitten by the snake, they could develop a nasty infection.

If anyone happens to see this python please call 911 and give the best location of its whereabouts,” City Councilman Kip Tyner encouraged the community through a Facebook post, adding, “This is a dangerous situation for all!


While the search for the snake has been relentless, it has been unsuccessful. The latest report on the search’s progress was published on Saturday (June 29).

By this point, authorities believe they have identified the owner of the escaped python. A smaller, snake believed to be owned by the same person also got loose, but it was rescued. It has since been placed in the care of an expert python handler.

As for the 15-foot python, Tuscaloosa communications director Richard Rush told Tuscaloosa News that the search is still ongoing, and has moved on to new territory.

After further investigation, the city will be moving to the next phase of the search and further exploring the storm drain system near the area where the snake was last seen,” Rush said.

Anyone who spots the snake is encouraged to call 311 or 911 immediately.

Hopefully the snake is discovered soon, for both its safety and the safety of the community.