Police Hunt For Man-Eating Snake On The Loose

YouTube / Southwest Florida TV

A massive snake known for eating people is on the loose in a town – and people are being warned to keep their children and pets indoors for safety reasons.

The snake, which is a Reticulated Python, has been missing for just over 24 hours and police are searching endlessly for it. Originally, it was spotted in the early morning hours on Sunday (June 30) in a residential neighborhood.

Reticulated pythons are known to feast on humans and just a year ago in June 2018, a vegetable farmer in Indonesia went missing. Her body was found completely intact inside the stomach of a 23-foot reticulated python.

The snake had a massive bulge in its stomach and villagers carried the snake into town and cut open – which revealed the woman had been swallowed. Video of the dissection was posted online.

Now, police in Cambridge, England are warning residents to keep children, pets, and the elderly indoors until the snake has been captured.

According to CambridgeshireLive, the reptile’s owners have been found, but the snake has not been caught. These type of snakes are not poisonous but can wrap around a person and cause harm or death by squeezing limbs or other body parts.

If a reticulated python wanted to harm a person, it would first bite and then constrict the person, causing death by suffocation.

Expert Geraint Hopkins told CambridgeshireLive that it is “completely irresponsible to own a snake like a reticulated python.” A snake which is native to many Asian countries.

“The snake would definitely be a threat to smaller animals – if a child or elderly person stepped on it they would get a really nasty bite and it could really cause some damage. I have to ask, how in the heck did it get out of the house. It is the owners’ responsibility to keep it secure. I’ve never lost a snake.”

“Snakes are not stupid, if they can find a way to get out, then they will.”

The snake remains at large at the time of publication.

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