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    Kelly Clarkson Is So Talented She Can Sing Her Songs Backward

    This hysterical clip filled with funny banter and laughter ends with one of America’s favorite singers performing a hit song completely backward! Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, American Idol winner and forthcoming Voicecoach, Kelly Clarkson sits down for a bit of chit-chat before Jimmy Fallon presents this nearly impossible challenge to her! These two pop culture personalities have known each […] More

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    Brad Paisley Hysterically Sings Songs About Weed With Jimmy Fallon

    If you are an avid marijuana smoker, Thursday (April 20) was pretty much a national holiday for you. Over the years, April 20, or 4/20, has turned into Weed Day thanks to the myth that the penal code or police radio code for consumption or usage of cannabis is 420. Most Thursdays on The Tonight […] More

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    Blake Shelton Gets Nauseous On Jimmy Fallon’s Universal Studios Ride

    Our favorite episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are always the ones where he goes on adventures with Blake Shelton. In previous episodes, Fallon hilariously took Shelton to a Japanese restaurant where he tried sushi for the very first time. Shelton’s reaction to each different roll was priceless, seeing as eating sushi isn’t […] More