Blake Shelton Gets Nauseous On Jimmy Fallon’s Universal Studios Ride

YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Our favorite episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon are always the ones where he goes on adventures with Blake Shelton. In previous episodes, Fallon hilariously took Shelton to a Japanese restaurant where he tried sushi for the very first time.

Shelton’s reaction to each different roll was priceless, seeing as eating sushi isn’t a very country thing to do. He compared a few rolls to Easter eggs, Play-Doh, and especially loved the sake, which he called “rice wine” in his thick country accent.

During Shelton’s next appearance on the show, he took Fallon to do something he’s never done before – milk a cow. They shot insults at each other and had us laughing the entire time!

The dynamic duo were back and funnier than ever for Shelton’s next appearance, this time in Orlando, Florida, where Fallon was promoting the opening of his brand new Universal Studios theme park ride, “Race Through New York.”

The two took a walk through the experience, which is modeled to look like 30 Rock, the building where The Tonight Show is actually filmed, while hurling insults at each other left and right.

Shelton compared Fallon to Potsie from Happy Days, while Fallon insulted Shelton’s shirt before they saw a clip of them trying sushi together, which prompted Shelton to ask, “Do you sell the rice wine here?”

It was finally time to “Race Through New York,” and Shelton’s reactions were gold. The ride simulates a roller coaster and after a few minutes on the bumpy ride, Shelton was ready for a barf bag! In a previous interview with Fallon, Shelton’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani revealed that he hates roller coasters.

Watch his hysterical experience below.

And watch him talk about the ride below.