Rory Feek Opens Up About Raising A Daughter With Down Syndrome

When Joey and Rory Feek had their beautiful daughter, Indiana, their doctor’s suspected she had Down Syndrome. As Rory began calling family and friends to tell them the good news of their daughter’s birth, the responses they received weren’t congratulatory once news of Indiana’s possible diagnosis were announced as well. Rory was told, “I’m sorry,” more times than […] More

Filled With Emotion, Rory Feek Returns To Where Joey Passed Away

In a few short months since his beloved wife, duet partner, and the mother of his baby girl passed away, Rory Feek has remained resilient and strong – coming close to God and spending priceless moments with his 2-year-old, Indiana Feek. After receiving an invitation from Joey’s sister, Jody, to attend her son’s high school […] More