Little Indy Feek Is Talking Even More Than Ever!

Throughout Joey Feek’s brave cancer battle, the family shared their stories of faith, family, and love – most if it being shared through Rory Feek’s stunning blog. Now, it seems Indiana’s big sisters are taking on some of that and bringing some great moments from their lives to light. Born in February 2014, country duo […] More

Rory Feek Writes About Indy’s Bittersweet Birthday

February 17 was a bittersweet day for Rory Feek. It was the day that his youngest daughter, Indy, celebrated her third birthday. It was also her first birthday without her mama there to celebrate with her. Toward the end of her cancer battle, Joey set a few goals that she wanted to reach before she […] More

Rory Feek Shares Emotional Video Of Indy Learning How To Walk

Rory Feek has every reason in the world to be proud of his little girl. Those reasons can be seen in a new video that he uploaded to the Joey + Rory Facebook page on Friday (February 24). Indy attends a school called High Hopes, which specializes in helping children with special needs. In addition […] More

Just 9 Adorable Photos From Indy Feek’s Younger Years

When Joey + Rory Feek were married in 2002, she made it clear that she didn’t want to be a mother. “It’s not that she didn’t like kids, she just never saw herself having any,” Rory wrote on his blog, This Life I Live. But Joey eventually had a change of heart, and the couple […] More

Emotional Rory Feek Opens Up About Life Without Joey

Nearly a year after her tragic and heartbreaking passing, her husband reveals how he is navigating life without his soulmate. The iconic and beloved country duo, Joey + Rory first came to national attention after earning high marks in 2008’s series of Can You Duet and subsequently earned airplay with their follow up musical projects. It […] More

Rory Feek Promises To Fulfill Late Wife’s Dying Wish

This time last year, country duo Joey + Rory watched the Grammy Awards from their home. Joey Feek was laying in her hospital bed, and her husband Rory Feek sat in a chair next to her, close enough so they could hold hands. They were nominated for Best Country Duo/Group, which ultimately went to Little […] More

Huge News Regarding ‘The Joey + Rory Show’ Stuns Fans

In compliance to the overwhelming demand by the loyal followers of “The Joey+Rory Show,” the beloved reality series will be making its return to television. The show that made fans initially fall in love with the country singing duo will be returning to RFD-TV with additional never before seen features. “The Joey+Rory Show” followed the married country […] More

Rory Feek Shares The Heartbreak Of First Christmas Without Joey

Last year at Christmas time, Joey + Rory made sure to treasure every second they spent together. Just months prior, Joey received the news that her cancer was no longer responding to treatments. She made the decision to return home to spend her final days with her family, but no one knew if she’d still be […] More