Joey + Rory Sing One Of Their Favorite Hymns, ‘Leave It There’

Rory Feek / YouTube

Faith Found In Abundance In Joey + Rory’s Music

All throughout her life, there was one thing that helped keep Joey Feek strong…her faith.

Since their faith was such an important part of their lives, it also became an important part of Joey + Rory‘s music.

Joey + Rory recorded many hymns and spiritual songs over the years. In 2013 they released their first album of hymns, called Inspired: Songs of Faith and Family. The album contained the couple’s versions of some of the hymns they treasured the most, including one beloved tune called “Leave It There.”

The History Behind This Beloved Song

According to Hymnary, “Leave It There” was composed in 1916 by minister Charles Albert Tindley. The song quickly became an accepted addition to hymnals, and is now regarded as a “traditional” piece.

It was a song that meant a great deal to Joey + Rory. As Rory detailed in his blog, This Life I Live, the two of them fell in love with the message of “Leave It There” after they heard it on their honeymoon in Montana. Since it was one of their favorite hymns, the couple made sure to include it on Inspired.

How Much it Means To Joey + Rory’s Story

But no one listening to that album when it first came out had any idea what that song would represent for Joey + Rory just a few short years later. Before Joey passed away, she came to Rory with one final wish…she wanted someone to sing “Leave It There” in her honor after she left this world.

She asked Rory if he could get their good friend, Bradley Walker, to sing it.

Rory agreed, and Bradley sang a beautiful rendition of “Leave It There” in her honor. His performance caught the attention of a few notable people, giving him the chance to release his first album in ten years.

Years prior, Joey + Rory moved thousands of people with their own performance of “Leave It There.” Performing for a music video, Joey + Rory beamed with love for each other and their faith as they sang the hymn that meant so much to them.

As always, Joey’s sweet voice sounded just like that of an angel’s. She had a gift, there’s no denying it.

Watch Joey + Rory sing their gorgeous rendition of “Leave It There” in the video below.