Mourn Country Icons Taken Too Soon With Iconic ‘Highwayman’ During Farm Aid 1985

Taking the stage along with Glen Campbell, The Highwaymen delivered one of the most beautiful and impressive performances of their hit song “Highwayman” to an audience full of people dedicated to supporting American farms and farm families. Before Boy Bands Were Cool – There Were The Highwaymen. — RedDirt_Roots (@RedDirt_Roots) July 4, 2018 One […] More

Country Singer Wishes More Singers ‘Would Speak Out’ On Politics

In one of the most polarizing political administrations in United States history, many country singers are faced with a tricky decision when it comes to letting their political views be known. Apart from a select few tweeting positively about the Women’s March or Lee Greenwood and Toby Keith‘s performances at the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Nashville’s elite […] More

Johnny Cash Addresses Past Addiction In ‘The Junkie’s Prayer’

Country music legend Johnny Cash was not only a profound musical influence, but a wild child with a rebellion for authority and social norms. While Cash battled his fair share of demons with substance abuse and addiction, the singer was more than genuine when he pleaded with anyone who was wrangling with addiction. He spoke, […] More